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Success Story: Theresa McCarty

June 20, 2022

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” –   Nelson Mandela

Our community is so proud to spotlight its most recent Success story, Theresa McCarty!

Theresa was admitted to Elliott Nursing & Rehab in October of 2021 after an extensive stay in the hospital due to COVID-19 and sepsis related to a pressure area. When Theresa admitted to our community, she was completely dependent on our Care Team for all activities of daily living, and had an unstageable sacral wound. At admission, Theresa said her goals were to return home independently and her wound to be healed. Theresa had the determination and the support to make this happen. She, along with her Care Team members, worked diligently to meet her goals. During her stay, she became stronger and more independent. In June of 2022, Theresa was able to ambulate with her walker down the hallway to her daughter’s vehicle, with her head held high, a smile from ear to ear, and with tear-filled eyes knowing she had finally done it. Her wound was completely healed at discharge, she was able to perform her activities of daily living, and ambulate with a walker. She was successfully discharged home with all of her goals met. Theresa, thank you for showing us what the #MAGIC is about and being such an inspiration to all of us. We will miss you, but know you’re doing amazing! Congratulations to Theresa and her Care Team on their success!

It was her wish and that of her daughter that soon she would be home. We asked her daughter, Dayla Keeton, to put into words her Mother’s Journey and she had this to say:

“After an extensive hospital stay, my mother came home requiring assistance for everything, even eating and drinking. She also had a very extensive wound, that many, including myself, worried if it were healable. I entered her into Elliott Nursing and Rehabilitation with a fear that she would never be able to return home. However, God and Elliott Nursing and Rehabilitation had big plans for my mother! She recently came home with a fully healed wound, and is almost fully independent with the use of a walker. Elliott Nursing and Rehabilitation became a second family to my mother, and myself. They not only saved her life, but gave her a second chance at living. We are so appreciative and we will miss everyone we had the pleasure of getting to know!”

Our community would like to offer its most sincere wishes for a long lasting recovery to this special lady!